Ideal Calendar Review

Ideal Calendar - More than a calendar but not ideal

Submitted by sanejames1 on Fri, 2009-07-24 17:06.
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The lowest price: 18$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Enough utilities to get the work done very well and sufficient customizability to make it favorable.
Old fashioned tool with big body but tiny characters

Ideal calendar! What we think when we heard that? A nice and handy shaped calendar which can replace a vista gadget! Lots of themes to select to suit us most! If so this is not you are looking for.

The first thing a calendar must do is to clearly show the days of a specific month with special consideration to holidays and to Sundays which are more attention is needed. But sorry for Ideal calendar it has almost forgotten it. Its fonts are too small so days can’t see clearly. Also special days haven’t indicated well even there are some symbols have included in those boxes. Background wallpapers make the things worse because when they are applied it’s too difficult to see those “days”. So the font size of the “days” must be increased and they must be bolded for clear of vision. GUI is too large to me and it is better to have a modern look. Because in this world where software developers change things according to operating systems, users are always looking for a real Vista look!

Navigation also somewhat annoying because there are buttons all over the GUI. It’s better to have buttons only upper part of the GUI. View should be able to be changed from the “view” menu. But that’s not the case here.

Still there are some useful tools. Not only as a calendar but as a tool to remember day to day tasks this is quite useful software to have. It can also be used as an address book and a diary too. In that sense Ideal calendar is too good to be blamed. Settings seem to be much complicated to an amateur user because of poor categorizing. Ability to import and export programs is another great facility where we can see rarely in this type of software. Not only that user can backup their data and use it in another computer. This is also a distinct feature. I would like to have a better protection in this program since it deals with my personal details.

Help and support is good. Detailed descriptions are given and easy to understand for a new user.

Still this is a nice utility to have in a side of your desktop but you would love to have it if it can update its appearance with easy navigating abilities.


For just $ 18 it looks ok with its handy features but it is a matter, how many would like to keep this “old boy” in a side of their desktops.