Cryptainer Review

Good but not the best

Submitted by nimahacker on Fri, 2009-07-24 19:10.
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extremely user-friendly, fast, easy to use, cheap and last but not the least SECURE!
Some basic knowledge of encryption and virtual drives are necessary to use the software without having any confusion about terms and options in this software.

This encryption utility is very easy to use, user friendly and a must for anyone who is concerned about their privacy and confidentiality. The installation of this software is super fast and after installation it runs very smoothly without putting any sensible overload on your computer. To encrypt and protect your files, it is just enough to drag and drop. Though I would recommend that you read the help of this program. Because you will find information in the help section which will enable you using all the features of the program. Also, if you just downloaded the trial version, there is a section in this help "Which Product Should I Use?" that might help you with making up your mind about what version of this product suits your needs better.

After running the software for the first time, it will show you a configuration page. This configuration page is not too easy to be set up by someone who does not have some basic knowledge of encryption (i.e. algorithms options BlowFish448, AED256) and virtual drives (i.e. setting volume capacity, volume format). Also it would be nice, now that this configuration page is available, we could choose the type of volume format too (i.e. NTFS). Because, with the current implementation, if we would like to change the drive format to NTFS (the default format is FAT32), we will have to do it through Windows utilities outside of this program.

One thing that can end up being annoying is that there is no facility for changing the size of a "Cryptainer Drive" after it is created. Though, the program let you add or remove new drives with desired formats. Not having the feature to change the size of a drive can be problematic sometimes as the user's needs will change. And I do not believe making new drives every time after needing more space would be the easiest workaround.

Being able to run this application off a USB drive makes this software extremely valuable for people who would like to carry their information around on a USB stick memory. This feature which is referred as "Cryptainer Mobile" is a advantage which I have not seen in most of similar product on the same range of pricey.

Other features such as being able to define hot-keys for different actions, securing your emails, and even easily making a backup makes this program extremely user friendly. Though like any other software you will have to first read the help manual to take advantage of all these useful features.


This is not the most secure solution for securing your information, but considering the price and the ease of use, I would recommend using this software for securing your confidential documents and files.