Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Decent, but not what you'd call "entertaining" for a time-waster

Submitted by evanwade01 on Fri, 2009-07-24 22:21.
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The lowest price: 21.21$
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Customizeable, easy to navigate, many unique games, fairly addictive.
Interface is a visual monstrosity, sounds not well-adapted, aspect size of certain things needs made legible.

For a game meant to waste time it should be far more attractive interface-wise and should be visually complemented at that. A range of things aren't very satisfactory -not in the least. For the price such a wide variety of games seems wonderful. The ability to customize the background and other options is nice, but that isn't a primary main focus in joining many classic games together.

.:Main Good/Bad Points:.

Title Screen: Not attractive, colors don't mesh. Its almost painful to look at and still want to play.

Sound: "Boring" is a bit light, for a more accurate description one could say

Name: I find it quite pathetic that any person naming a game would use the words "Pretty" or "Good" when describing a game seeing as how even teachers in school preach constantly to not use either when describing anything in writing or text. The name should be catchy and well-thought; relating everything in the game into one summary.

Customizeable: Its good to be unique with the GUI as one does not like staring at the same thing every time they use a program.

Game-Choice: Many games are good, with the exception of a set few, as with any game-pack, most of the games still retain a sense of "uniqueness".


The amount of games makes it worth the money provided you ignore visuals, which is a prime focus. Visuals are only worthy of a 20/100.