MySlideShow Review

Impressive, effective but requires advancements...!!

Submitted by mr_raj1986 on Fri, 2009-07-24 23:14.
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Ease of Use: 
The lowest price: 21.6$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Light weight Software, Easy to Use and Learn, Good and organized user interface.
Lack of options like photo editing,text editing; Contains only basic transitions that restrict it only to individual and home use; Absence of adding even mobile created videos in the show.

On the first look, MySlideShow, will attract you. As a beginner,you need not much guidelines to learn.

Ease to Use: Very easy to use, and a nice and organised interface
which includes file list, previews and slide list in
the same window.

As per System: A light weight software, requires only 4.7 Mb of
system memory. So, you dont require a high memory
equiped PC.

As per Features:This a bit weaker part of the software.Though it
provides all basic things you will require to make
a slide show, but you can't be satisfied with the
limited kind of transitions, it have. Also it don't
provide with the options of editing the pictures or
text while making a slide show. You also cant choose the
part of sound you would like to add in your slide show.
Ability to add videos, online search for new
transitions, and regular tips for a better slide show,
could increase its competitiveness in market.

Cost: With the amount of features, the price is justified.


For use of home purpose and non technical uses, the sotware is pretty impressive and worth its price, but dont have much scope for commercial use which demands versatility in features.