Cosmo Bots Review

Excellent, addictive form of entertainment.

Submitted by Robn8r on Sat, 2009-07-25 14:10.
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Suitable soundtrack, entertaining, addicting on a level that is not frustrating, requires high brain function and swift reflexes.
Difficult if you want a game you can play with ease. This test brain power and reflexes.

Out of many games I have played, this is so far one of the best. This game has over 100 levels of countless excitement and strategical decision-making. I could spend hours playing Cosmo Bots. I will not lie, I have seen addicting games that become so frustrating when you lose that you think you just might break the computer, but this is definitely not one of them. It holds just enough interest to keep you going and is very hard to get frustrated by.The directions are kept simple and easy to understand,not keeping any annoying long rules to the gameplay. I do enjoy the soundtrack, and I think it makes a suitable track to accompany the game. If there is any game to keep you suspended for hours wondering what is coming next,it's Cosmo Bots.


Overall, one of the most entertaining games I have played recently. I do not doubt that if put in stores, it would make quite a bit of money.