Dropheads Review

Hours of Fun!

Submitted by sippdogg on Wed, 2009-07-29 02:28.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Great instruction from the simple easy to read case by case directions. Easy game play for all beginners.
Mimics other simple mind games. It can get too easy with the strategy version. More matching options should be randomly added to improve difficulty.

This is a mind game of funny face characters that you must match in groups of atleast four to eventually reach the tresure. The arcade mode is a bit more of a speed thinking challenge. The strategy version gets fairly easy. The tutorials are very user friendly to ease in figuring out the gameplay. After winning 26,000 points in three levels, I became aware that there is an additional bonus and surprise game to solve. First you must win the 5 treasure chests and explore secret islands.
There are voodoos, jokers, and hints that will make the games winnable unlike tougher games that I have reviewed. This makes it very fun for all. Enjoy the trial. But you must buy the game. There are hours of fun that can be enjoyed!


The name says it all. Basically the smileys drop and must be matched. The changing objectives makes it very good for mental health. The minimal price is a good alternative to other games such as solitare or tetris.