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On screen Usability - UI

Submitted by Retrospect on Wed, 2009-07-29 11:55.
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A very good tool to calculate and create Indian horroscope charts and predictions. Best Suits people who believe in Indian Astrology and relieves the astrologer from whole lot of manual paper work behind these complex calculation.
1. Its Greek and Latin for a Layman. Needs a complete help file to explain the astrological jargons. 2. UI can be improvised (presentation of the generated results )

Each section after clicking the generate button.
User Interface: The pageup, pagedown,up and down arrow keys home and end keys dont function in this application. It is true that the details needs to be printed and then reviewed, however for the curiosity of the user, one cant really jump up and down the page without clicking(by mere use of keyboard) on the scrollbar of the window.

Functionally:Its mostly to ease and fasten the job of Astrologers or Pandits by eliminating manual work, however there is no glossary or help page for a layman to understand what do those diagrams mean. One has to take printouts and run to someone who can explain it. Accuracy of this tool can only be judged by those who have almost spent their life creating vedic horroscopes manually, still unsure.


I recommend using this tool for accurate horroscope projections.