DOC Regenerator Review

Not worth the money, sorry...

Submitted by Erebos on Sat, 2009-08-01 01:42.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
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First pros for this program would be its easy use, than it is very usuful program (we all sometimes need lost files), its support of NTFS and FAT, light weight (my download limit), can recover files from formated partition ...
There is no support for Office 2007 docs, taking to much time to scan, not being able to search for only one file (Why to scan my whole disc?), only docs!

Well, lets start. It is user frendly program usuful for every common pc user, even for my younger brother could use it :) yea, it is light weighted, but lets see its real purpose. It is suposed to bring "dead" files to life, but why only documents? There are so many more programs that can do the same job, but just with every type of file (zip, exe, rar, mp3, and so on). When taking about compatibility, why Office 2007 files are not suported, it is after all most common Office pack used today. As for scan time you can not tell that it is slow, I would rather say that it takes eternety to scan (30 GB disk for 40 min!!). Next thing, there is no "search file by its name" option, I mean if I deleted file from pc at my office few seconds ago accidetally, and I know file name, why to search my whole disk to find it, I need it now, not half our later, my boos migth be in bad mood :)


My final word about this program is that it is not worth ist cost. From the aspect of use, it is user frendly and very easy to use. But from the purpose aspect, it is very bad. Not enough support, sorry.