Weave Words Review

Weave Wordds - Best Computer Word Game

Submitted by Joie Mojica on Sat, 2009-08-01 02:58.
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-entertaining -challenging
-no disadvantages

Weave words is one of my top most favorite computer game. It is a combination of scrabble, hangroo and texttwist. In this game you deal with words. But unlike in scarabble, getting points to win the game is not the task to do. Your ultimate goal would be discovering a hidden phrase, a popular quote or a well known saying, somthing like what you do in hangaroo. The difference is you get clues for this secret phrases by creating words, not letters to score points. Your skill and strategy when it comes with words will truly be tested in this game. You can play in three different Game Modes. Classis, Relax and Time Challege Mode. I enjoy playing on the Time Challenge Mode because it adds more excitement to the game.


Weave words is the most fun and challenging computer game I have ever played. You will be surely entertained with the game.