Registry First Aid Review

Efficient registry program

Submitted by omarabid on Sun, 2009-08-02 14:50.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
-Multilingual support

-Powerful Registry checker: I have compared Registry first aid to Registry doctor (I already had installed and using), Registry first aid is much slower but had founds many errors my other software didn’t.
The program seems to do a full registry scan and examines the registry key by key and string by string. In fact, the software checks the registry for many errors (invalid paths, file association, fonts…)
The application will class the found registry keys errors into 3 parts: Green, yellow and red.
Green is automatically selected and the software assumes to find the right fix for it. Yellow and red means the software either hadn’t found a fix or the key is sensitive and the software isn’t sure if the fix will correct it or even make it worse. In this case, user interaction is required to manually scan the entries.

-Multiple functionalities: Registry first aid is not only a registry checker, it include a search tool, registry comparator and also a backup function.

- I tried the software with windows Vista, Windows XP and windows 2000. It worked perfectly under Vista and XP; however 2000 had some minor display blinking.
-User interface looks good but there’s a bad choice of colours and graphics. There’s also a bad choice of font, font size and the way information is displayed in the program.

-Defragment feature uses a lot of RAM and CPU and will probably slow your computer. Trying the close the program or stopping the application in such state will result in a worse situation that will look completely the Operating System.

-The backup feature is very limited and is not different than the Windows registry “import” and “export” feature.

-The search feature is also simple. A more advanced search will be more useful especially for developers and coders.

-The application adds an icon to the system tray and there’s no “quit” or “exit” button to close it. Registry First aid is not a frequently used application (you won’t use more than once a week), so why put it in the system tray by default?

Registry first aid is a simple registry cleaner. A non tech savvy person can operate the program easily without even reading the help pages.

The user interface is simple and powered with different languages; however the application doesn’t import the language fonts within it, which can cause a problem if you don’t have the language already installed in your computer.

The application is composed of 3 parts: Maintenance, Management and Backup.
The easiest one is the backup that let’s you do a registry backup or restore an old backup, which is not different than the windows registry editor “export” and “import”

The management part, let’s you search the registry and compare different versions of a registry backup. The most important part is the maintenance that checks the registry for errors and the defragmenter


Registry First aid is a good program that provides a useful set of functionalities and a friendly user interface. Nevertheless it stills not the best, but with such an affordable price, it can be a good choice for casual computer users.