Xeno Assault 2 Review

Xeno Assault 2, similar to other space-shooters

Submitted by maulyeu on Mon, 2009-08-03 00:29.
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Amazing music, Easy to use controls, fast install
Repetitive, Unoriginal and boring design

Before we begin, when i downloaded this game i was looking for originality, ease-of-use, unique levels, and fun game-play. Xeno Assault 2 EXCELLED at two of those four things.

Xeno Assault 2 is a space shooter that has fun game-play and is very easy to use. You control the ship with your mouse and use only the left and right mouse buttons.

While the game-play is very similar to other space shooters its fun nonetheless. One particular thing that made the game-play fun and challenging was not only having to dodge enemy space-ships, but also big asteroids.

The user interface may not be the best of all, but after 15 minutes you learn things like where your shields are, how to shoot extra lasers, and what power-ups to get.

A horrid thing about this game is that the levels are very similar to the ones before them. The game creator did not think about how much people will enjoy similar level backgrounds again and again.

The music is simply amazing. Fast paced metal fits in perfectly with explosions and your ship racing through the galaxy.

In future versions i would love to see things like different level design and backgrounds.


Xeno Assault 2 is a game that needs improvement. While the game creator nailed some aspects of a game shooter the game still needs a lot of polishing up