Advanced WMA Workshop Review

Simple and Extensive

Submitted by davymac on Fri, 2006-12-08 01:59.
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Perfect interface/simplicity. Don't change a thing!
For the love of Buddha, add AAC.. :)

This program is great, although I do have to point out I found one shortcoming fairly quickly, no support for aac/mp4 audio.

It's a little hard to figure why this wasnt included but I can only imagine this should be a soon to be added feature.

That MINOR gripe aside, Transcoding is quick, quality is great, and it even has the option to encode in FLAC!! As far as the interface goes. It's so simple. Every single option is within roughly 2 clicks.

I love it. This stuff is great but I would (personally) wait until AAC/MP4 audio support was added because I'd love to have an original FLAC collection with the ability to transcode to AAC/MP4 for iTunes or WMA for WMP etc.

I didn't have a chance to call for Tech Support or anything as far as this software goes because.. well.. if you have to call for tech support.. you probably did something wrong, hah.


Great software.. but if you use iTunes much.. I would hold off.. I'm giving it a 4 with the chance of a 5 if AAC is added.