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Automation Anywhere - Professional Grade Macros Make Life Easy

Submitted by kmontag42 on Tue, 2009-08-04 22:09.
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Automation Anywhere is high-end software created to expedite your work tasks on the computer. The software is capable of recording keyboard and mouse strokes while you work one day, and then can duplicate them the next day. The beauty of Automation Anywhere is that you can set the macros to go off on a schedule, using the built-in scheduler. Setting up the scheduler was easy enough, just a few menu's and drop-down boxes to select what .exe to run and at what times.

Another awesome feature of Automation Anywhere comes with the Premier License, our company was able to completely automate updating our business software. We were also able to create customized log-on scripts that would configure each user account depending on what kind of position they had within the company. The possibilities are endless as long as you stay creative with your applications.

As an end-user of Automation Anywhere I was fairly pleased. Setting up the software was easy, and integrating it into our network was easy as well. One issue with the software is that it is a resource hog. When not running Automation Anywhere was using about 10-15% of my CPU (Dual Core 2.6GHz Intel Core Duo) and when it was running a script it could reach up to 60% of my CPU. However, since the software is made for Businesses and IT Departments that isn't an issue. The purpose of this software is not to automate at-home tasks, instead it makes business and IT upkeep much faster and more streamlined.


This is definitely some of the best Business/IT automation software. As an IT head myself, I would recommend this software to anyone in IT who can stand to re-learn another macro language.