Cosmo Bots Review

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Submitted by prometheus09 on Fri, 2009-08-07 05:33.
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Simple concept and simple controls make this game fun and fairly addictive.
Occasionally hard to get power-ups; high price.

Cosmo Bots is, in simplest terms, exactly what I expected and perhaps a bit more. These sorts of games are the ones that can easily ensnare you in their grip for hours on end if you're not careful, but in some cases, that's a good thing. In this sense, the addiction factor for Cosmo Bots is, well, astronomical. In many ways it reminds me of similarly addictive, I-can't-stop-just-yet games like Geometry Wars and the like.

The game's controls are very simple, as they should be for this type of game. For some people, the enemies might get tirelessly annoying, but a dexterous gamer might find only satisfying challenge in the increasing difficulty. I only played till level 50, and already I had encountered some pretty difficult foes. Hard to imagine what other sorts of baddies one might encounter , considering there are 577 levels in the full version. In that way, I suppose the game might have a great deal of replay value.

One of my problems with the game was the difficulty in getting power-ups at some points. If you somehow had a level with lots of geometry, you could block off areas with lots of enemies and get a fair amount of power-ups. However, in the wide open levels, it is nearly impossible to get powerups, let alone close off the area without blowing up. I know this might make the game easier, but perhaps the addition of different types of "lines" as power-ups would be nice, such as a one-time-use diagonal line tool.

That said, however, I think that the main problem I have with Cosmo Bots is the price tag. The game is definitely worth buying, without a doubt, but at nearly $20, I would rather just fire up my X-Box and play Geometry Wars Evolved ($5) or Evolved2 ($10). I think that a reasonable asking price would be $3-$5 dollars cheaper, but I suppose for a gamer who is very much into these types of games, they might be willing to fork over the cash.


Overall, I had a pleasant experience with Cosmo Bots. I'd recommend it to my friends, but I'd also recommend lowering the price.