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Two Thumbs Up for AccuChef - Comprehensive, Full-Featured, Easy

Submitted by mweleski on Fri, 2009-08-07 06:18.
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- Surprising comprehensiveness and depth in applications - Chock full of features that make life easier for the user - Easy to connect nutritional information to ingredients and recipes. Software smartly summarizes nutritional info in a way YOU prefer. - Slick printing options - Readily customizable with user software options button - "Tip of the day" feature is nice touch - Very logical layout
- I hesitate to even mention it since I find the software so impressive, but IF there is a con... even though layout is logical, the comprehensiveness of the program means that there a lot to learn to use. Will need to play around with it for a bit to learn to use the full functionality. - The "perform cost analysis" feature comes with little cost data fresh from installing the software. This is understandable, since cost information will vary with current economic conditions in particular locations. But would be nice to have some "average" data to start with...

SIVART really thought of everything when creating AccuChef. I will start with the front page, or what I think of as the "Cookbook" view. It is a nicely organized list of all recipes that you have saved in the program. From here you can categorize your recipes by a category heading like "main dish" , "casserole", etc... or by main ingredient. It is easy to select muliple recipes and print into index cards.. this is one of my favorite features. It comes out in a very nice and handy format. You can also print to the Microsoft OneNote format. Have a few recipes in mind that you want to make soon? AccuChef makes it easy for you when it is time to shop for the ingredients. You can hold down CTRL key and click on multiple recipes, and then click on the shopping list button, and... VOILA! You have a list of all of the ingredients that you need to buy. It even prompts you to tell it how many servings you plan to make so you buy the correct amount of ingredients. Think you would like to make a cookbook? AccuChef can do that for you as well. Just select the recipes you want to include and use the button on the top menu, and follow the prompts. Now here's one of the best features. So you found a recipe on the internet that you'd like to include in your AccuChef cookbook? The Import Wizard makes it snap to pull in recipes from any format and plug it in and organize it into the AccuChef format. Another impressive feature is the expansive list of common ingredients and nutritional infomation that can be linked to your recipe. This makes it easy so you can always have the cost and nutritional data right at your fingertips.


When I first thought about software that was made for organizing recipes, I thought to myself "Come on; who needs that?" But I must say that after having used it, I now have plans to KEEP using it. This software is very comprehensive, fully-featured, and easy to use. Highly recommended.