Luxor Review

Holy Addictiveness

Submitted by prometheus09 on Fri, 2009-08-07 11:12.
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Easy controls, fairly easy levels, good music, variation in level layout
Some of the GUI seems overly garish and chaotic

I want to first start out by saying that this game warned be that there was a time limit to my trial, and yet somehow, three hours later, I had to quit because I was losing my mind. This is, in some ways, a good thing: I appreciate the fact that the time limit wasn't even enforced at all. Each time I lost, I kept thinking "Gah! I can't let this trial run out without beating my score!" And yet it kept going and going and going. Honestly, I probably should have been doing more productive things for the last three hours, but Luxor really drew me in. In that sense, it is insanely addictive.

Furthermore--and this can be good or bad depending on one's tastes--this game is fairly easy. There were several times where I got bottlenecked and thought I was done for, and then BAM! I got a lucky bonus or I had the right aim on a perfect shot. However, this game is not simple... it does require quick reflexes and a sort of attention budget. That is... you really have to pay attention to the varying "layers" of colored orbs, and sometimes the most obvious or closest group of orbs is not always the best to shoot at.

The controls were easy to grasp, and I enjoyed the whole ancient musical theme in the background. For the most part, the GUI was easily navigated and engaging, but at some points, it seemed a bit overly cluttered: an ADD person's nightmare.

That said, Luxor proved to be a well-made puzzle game, and thought I progressed fairly far, I simply had to quite because I felt like I was getting way too sucked into it. That is both a strong point and a weak point, depending on your point of view.

Overall, it's definitely easy to lose yourself and kill time, and I really think it is a fairly unique variation of this sort of game.


A game that is easy for all levels of gamers to jump into. Straightforward, addictive, and fun.