Search Maker Pro Review

Search Maker Vs Others Products as Teleport Pro

Submitted by sandipdey2 on Sat, 2009-08-08 07:20.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Indispensible software for indexing website pages.Saves a lot of manual work.Very easy to use and user friendly.
Not suitable for complete offline browsing.It needs the help of a support software like teleport pro.

Personally I love to browse websites offline.Search Maker Pro will be a very useful feature for people travelling round the world with no internet connection.The next part of the puzzle is why should I buy it?

TelePort Pro is an excellent software for browsing websites offline.However it has certain disadvantages such as it is not suitable for indexing websites pages properly.Its spider can get all the program
only if specific webpages are indexed properly.This is where Search Maker Pro bridges the gap to give the users the ultimate offline browsing and searching experience.
Best steps for browsing websites offline from hard-disks are given below:
1.Copy clearly the URL of the website you want to browse offline.

2.Index all the webpages properly using Search Make Pro.So it becomes
indispensible to have Search Maker Pro for indexing websites.Otherwise
you have to manually go to the website and click every page copy its link and then save the page for offline browsing.All this is very time consuming.So if you are busy and want to save some time better have Search Maker Pro.Though you have to loose $53.10,if you think logically
it can save you 8 to 10 hours of time and you can earn double the amount
of buying the software from any offline jobs around the world.

3.Then if you have some cash left you can invest it in Teleport Pro.

4.Happy website search indexing and offline browsing.

I am a computer engineer by Profession and I have personally evaluated the product and I had given an unbiased review of the product according to my perception.Hopefully this content helps you in influencing your decisions to buy Search Maker Pro.


An absolutely indispensible software for indexing webpages.A very useful software for any people as anyone can browse a site offline using a combination of TelePort Pro and Search Maker Pro.I think the price of the product is slightly on the higher side.It could have been discounted a little.