Dropheads Review

Nice and average...

Submitted by prometheus09 on Sun, 2009-08-09 03:40.
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Neat concept, easy controls, fairly straightforward
Lack of easy-to-find "Quit" button, no built-in Help feature

Dropheads takes the concept of the falling-block game and adds a few of its own twists. In this sense, it comes off as fairly unique and fun.

The variety of different "heads" and their effects adds an interesting twist, but can also be annoying and sometimes cluttering. Yes, the challenge is due to this fact, but the introduction of these new pieces should perhaps be introduced over a longer set of levels. Occasionally, these pieces can work to one's benefits quite a bit, but usually they can be frustrating, particularly the Cursed Heads.

My main problem was the GUI, in the sense that there aren't easy ways to just quit the game. I had to click the "Help" button to make the program minimize (because my firewall detects the game trying to access the Internet), and then from there I had to use Windows Task Manager to shut the game down. Also, for me personally, Windowed mode did not work, and it became impossible to Alt+Tab between programs. Had Windowed mode worked properly, I would have more easily been able to quit the game.

Overall, the game provided a balance between easy and tough, and it was a unique concept (mainly descrambling the map pieces at the end), but it falls short of being an amazing new game.


Dropheads is a game with a unique new approach and interesting puzzles, but fails to be very addictive.