Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Decent version of a Fun Game

Submitted by gdub13 on Sun, 2009-08-09 09:04.
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Fun Addictive gameplay. Very customizable in many aspects.
The graphics could use some work. The sound effects dont seem to fit in the game, they're terrible.

I have always been a fan of playing Mahjongg, it is just a very addicting game to me. This version is pretty good as long as you change the style of the tiles, the chinese character ones are just too smal and blury to even begin to see. But don't worry customization is not a point that this game is lacking at. It is very customizable and there are a lot of different board setups to choose from. This may also be its biggest downside to me, I am more of a "If I need to change it...I will" but I prefer to just play. All in all it is pretty fun. The graphics leave a little to be desired and the sound is atrocious but the most important part, the gameplay, they got right.


All in all its another fun version of a game you've seen before. There are better versions out there and cheaper, but if you're looking for the largest amount of playable board setups and general settings:look here.