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It can be done better

Submitted by shinkarom on Sun, 2009-08-09 17:07.
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Favourite folders, Add All button
Few transitions to choose, no default melodies, not very much options

MySlideShow was created for the photo fans. Click on the photos, add transition and sound - and job is done! But I know best programs for this job than MySlideShow...
I dislike that you can't drag pictures to slideshow. Sorry, you can do it, but not to the Details tab, which is default one. You must choose Thumbnails tab. Are you lazy for that thing?
I think: there is "Add All" button. Easy, of course. So, please tell my why there is no "Remove All" button?
Next, there is no quick way to transitions. There are menu commands, but no such button. When I see at transition list I think: well, many effects, but not enough. In the software dedicated to the slideshow there must be an awesome number of its - maybe 200.
Also there are no default melodies - please choose your own. But if there are no suitable ones? Software like this must offer us a lot of things to choose. I don't see it.
All I can say - other software can do slideshow better. But MySlideShow is good - not very good and not excellent.


Other software can do better.