WinAvi Video Converter Review

The fastest and simplest video converter out there!

Submitted by nikitaluger on Sat, 2009-08-15 07:45.
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Fast, Simple
Lacks options when converting files into DVD

I was in high school when I began to convert video files. I used a lot of video conversion programs and most of them are no good. I was looking for a converter that can encode quickly but most of the programs I tried where either very slow or too difficult to configure and video quality was bad. When I discovered WinAvi Video Converter, I never looked for another program ever since.

I use this program to convert anime videos into VCD. My problem was that most of the anime I convert have external subtitles (softsubs) and what is great about this program is that I can convert the video into VCD format with the subtitle embedded into the video and conversion time only took a quarter of the video length.

I was also surprised that WinAvi is capable of converting FLV files (if you have the necessary codecs/encoder/decoder installed in your PC) This was a great discovery because I like grabbing videos on youtube and place it in my mobile phone and show them to my nephews during a gathering.


A must have video converter buy it now!