CyberScrub Privacy Suite Review

CyberScrub is REALLY easy to use !

Submitted by teddyo3333 on Mon, 2009-08-17 19:08.
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The lowest price: 53.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very easy to use,clean and friendly interface ,does the job is supposed to do fast.
Took a looong time to wipe unused space, using "erase beyond recovery " button but still not slowing down the system.

In the past, I tried numerous washers, wipe and erase apps just to find myself looking at a frozen screen, unresponsive software and complicated buttons that you're scared to push not knowing what actually will be erased from your computer.
Here comes CyberScrub moving at the speed of light and actually doing a good job.
It took about 20 seconds to find and clean temp files, under privacy guard button.
While CyberScrub was working , I opened three web pages and my e-mail at the same time and there was NO slowdown which I liked very much.
The interface is very simple and easy to use, making an otherwise complicated task(finding temp files and internet traces) very appealing to most users.
Using this software was actually a pleasure , very clear tasks and I used it without fear of messing up my computer.
I will recommend it to everybody, even to my grandma !
Great app for regular computer users ,affordable too.


I will definitely use this software on my system and recommend it to all my friends.