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Home Plan Pro:Simple, Cheap, Less professional....

Submitted by sheennick12345 on Tue, 2009-08-18 09:12.
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The lowest price: 35.1$
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simple program, cheap, lots of tools to customize your layout, anybody can use it, a help system which actually helps !!
only 2D rendering, uninteresting interface, not for professionals

The "HOME PLAN PRO" is a simple application which allows you to draw home plan designs. it has a very simple easy to use GUI which wont require you to get used to, somewhat similar to MS Paint application.

the drawing tools are places on left side of the window, below them you have a option which allows you to switch between metric mode and USA mode (a good touch for someone like me who is more acquainted with metric units)

at bottom you have controls regarding the screen resolution, zoom in zoom out etc.

coming to the main application it only allows you to do 2D rendering, it wont let you choose between materials which you use, further you cannot determine the total material cost, expenditure etc. the basic look and feel of the application is simple ,easy to use, but i find it somewhat boring and uninteresting. it wont excite you about your designs. and it doesn't have enough options to attract professionals

the good thing about the application is its simplicity, anyone can use it. you don't really have to be an architect to use it. it has one of the best help files around. they are very detailed and handle everything very nicely (which is important considering that this application is going to be used by beginners). moreover its very cheap compared other options around. so for those who want to get started with the field or those who intend to redo their house but don't want to spend a lot on such an application can go for this option. it wont disappoint you.


it is a simple program,though it doesn't have the 3D rendering it can be very effective for those who just plan to start off with something simple.