DOC Regenerator Review

A wonderfull effective program that gets the job done for cheap!

Submitted by reydemia on Tue, 2009-08-18 20:25.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
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Ease of use, price, compatibility, gets the job done.
Does not support .docx Word 2007 files, the new business standard in many areas. Although it does lagg your system a bit while in the process of recovery...what else are you going to be doing at this time? exactly, nothing, I'll gladly wait for my file to be recovered safely.

We've all lost our documents at one point or another. You've just about finished, so you save and decide to take a break and come back. Upon returning you realize Word has frozen! No problem I'll just end the program and open up my saved document. CORRUPTED FILE WHAT!!?!?!!?!? Yeah...we've all had that moment. This is were DOC Regenorator comes into play. It will recover these files with ease and does it in a light environment too! Averaging out its usage around only 1mb of RAM, this can easily be run on any pc. Another great thing is the price, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on a program of this sort, and even more if you have to pay someone to do it. There are entire companies that do this for a buisness! $26.99 is well worth the price of hours and hours of work being saved with a few clicks!


Overall it's worth it, if saving your documents as xp/2003 .doc files is the only thing you have to do with this program to insure you save yourself all that time you could have lost and even worse, monotonously redone...then by golly its one heck of a good program/deal!