Pretty Good MahJongg Review

A blast from the past...

Submitted by coolsuffdude on Thu, 2009-08-20 03:22.
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Good game audio, many tile arrangements, and works quickly.
Bad graphics, annoying registration prompts everywhere, unnecessary menu options, not addictive at all, not fun.

A few years ago Mahjongg was the hottest game imported from overseas. But, as with Sudoku, the craze over the game died down. Therefore, when a new Mahjongg game comes out the public expects a new and original twist to the game; this game didn't provide either. The title of this game is quite misleading, as this game is very far from "pretty good."
Let me start with the graphics. During the game the monochromatic green background burns your eyes. To make matters worse, the player is forced to stare and squint to focus his or her eyes to tell the different low-resolution game tiles apart. The toolbar also has poor resolution icons that do not make sense at first glance.
The game's frequent upgrading prompts become annoying in a matter of seconds, and is a feature I'd prefer that the game came without.
The game isn't a complete failure, however. Unlike in many other Mahjongg games, the audio that is played when a match is made is very mellow.
The biggest plus in this game has to be the quantity of tile arrangements given. From a Klondike Bear to a batman symbol arrangement, the game allows the user to play with just about any tile arrangement.


I would recommend this game solely to the very desperate. There are a plethora of great games available online that are either free or much cheaper than this game. Further, if Mahjongg is your game of choice and you have Microsoft Windows Vista, a much better version of Mahjongg is already installed on your computer.