Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Review

A-OK If Runtime Revolution uses my suggestions!

Submitted by marwolf on Thu, 2009-08-20 06:20.
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Very good for learning typing skills in children and anyone who is a beginner to novice! Animation is great for the younger typists!!!
The keys should be bigger and the ability to change the highlighted key color should be added.

The typing progam is great for beginners to novice and especially anyone that types by [email protected]@KING at their keyboard!!

I thought the GUI( General User Interface ) was very entertaining for children and pre-pubescent teens.

The ability to use music while typing is a good idea, "if you use a universal midi and not just ITunes".

The keyboard could've been a little larger for the seeing impaired,
even though you have the ability to black out the background, the developers should put a button in the options area for changing the color of the highlighted keys for the color-blind.

I liked the games, even for a novice they build your speed, the turtle blaster and the gator bridge eater are quite comical.

Overall I think it was the layout, that I enjoyed most the personal settings were well-thought out " except for the top button for scrolling doesnt work".

But from start to finish the reports, WPM, CPM, Error% graph and the hand placement,having the ability to practice several different ways and a pause button! (came in handy),so I could review this program step-by-step.


This product does exactly what it says it will teach beginners to type and even though they say 'advanced' I think it suffices. Overall it's worth the twenty-something pricetag.