Mad Caps Review

Mad Caps real enjoyable game

Submitted by shiful on Thu, 2009-08-20 06:52.
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Fun to play,addictive,addictive, easy to use, enjoyable game
Same background and same mission in all levels

Mad Caps is a truly excellent game, there are three types of games that you can play they are classic, arcade and survival. The design is appealing, the game is quite easy to play, yet the difficulty level gets higher as the player advances through the levels and the addiction factor is definitely positive. It’s very easy to use and not at all hard to figure out what you have to do there is help if needed but it really isn’t that sort of game where you need help. Really enjoyed this one.


A nice game, a new design to the infamous arcade game of put 3 in row and win. I think this really enjoyable game, its easy to figure out what you need.