Birthday Bios Review

To the closet with you.

Submitted by zyxuvius on Fri, 2009-08-21 02:00.
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Clever features Wealth of information
Lacks practical uses Information is freely available elsewhere bbios is similar in name to BIOS.

Ever got a birthday gift that was great for the first week, but after that, was doomed to an eternity in the closet, save a few instances when you cleaned that part of your house? That's what this product reminds me of. Sure, it's great, novel, and entertaining for the first week it will spend on your desktop, but it lacks practical value.

I'm not saying the program is a complete piece of junk. I really liked most of it's features, excepting it's lack of a user-friendly interface. I liked how it could print out certificates directly to a printer with ease.


Despite it's novel features, I would not pay more than $5 for this product.