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Bad Green Martian Boss

Submitted by ibiz on Thu, 2006-12-14 08:00.
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Easy,relaxing and fun game to play
Graphic display is a bit dull.

Didn't know even martian boss where so bad like the earthling. While playing this game the story remind me of my so called boss from hell scenario.While the young martian is on a task to destroy the galaxy garbage with each zone getting more and more challenging. The zone is getting narrower and the speed of the moving garbage is getting faster so as the direction where the garbage is coming.

The destroying method of the coloured garbage is somewhat similar as the tetris game whereby you are going to shoot at the target of a same coloured garbage from your spacecraft the difference is in this game it is not like the old boring tetris game in here you could control and move your spacecraft, target then shoot.

The trial version is limited to 45 minutes at first few level the game doesn't need much of brain work(to get you warm up) then later on you need to coordinate and strategize your move and shoot the target fast.


Overall it is relaxing to play and a fun way to get your brain exercise.