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Just nice for my websites

Submitted by imranfaisal2020 on Sun, 2009-08-23 05:50.
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Has many effects for both the text and the background. Can use our image for the background or even have it transparent. Has interactions where we can adjust what happen when users click on the flash we made. Have options to protect our flash content from being imported by users. Can export the flash content to GIF which is useful for old computers which do not have flash players.
You cannot adjust the location of the text with your mouse but only with alignments and offsets. It does not provide the users with sounds, we have to came up with our own. Cannot use sounds of format other than mp3 or wav.

I've looking since my high school for an easy flash making software with user-friendly interface and now i've found one. Different from Macromedia Flash MX or a newer one, Adobe Flash CS3, SWFText does not need you to be an IT-wise person. I'm a full time student and studying and understanding scripts like JAVA and actionscript would be impossible due my lack of time doing things other than studying for my exams. With SWFText, my websites can live. I dont have to hire friends anymore to do banners for my websites because I can do all that by just clicking buttons in SWFText. Better than any flash text softwares, SWFText offers user to make their own flash contents based own their own styles and needs by adjusting the fonts, effects and interactions. And the easy and fun part is, everything is already there. I can alter the fonts, background, effects and I can even use my own sound.


Its the easiest flash making software that i found and it is absolutely not a time-consuming in making the flash contents. Not much knowledge is needed to produce flash banners or other contents that users desire.