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This softwares is addcting

Submitted by yogendra on Sun, 2009-08-23 16:52.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Totally this software makes you addict, easy to use and quality driven
This software is little expensive to buy, since there are many other open source softwares available in the market.

I have been using Edit plus since many months.The real need of this software can be only realized when you go and install it.The file directory to manage,create text files,doc files, more than 12 formats are supported by this software.If you are a programmer or accountant, it will let you manage 100's of files very easily and you can find it in a seconds.
The best feature I have seen is its capability to open any number of files in one window making it such a powerful tool so that it can save space on task bar, and you can move and play around files like anything.

Also,the performance of this program is so good and stable that, even you keep 100's of your files open for months, the application does not crash and you will still be able to save and manage your files.


One must buy this software since it is very good to use and manage any kind of files without anybody help.Best suited for all types of users from students to managers and programmers.