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Weird Is The Right Word

Submitted by David on Wed, 2006-01-18 15:20.
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The soundtrack is wonderful, I've already mentioned the brilliant music, but I’m going to mention it again, because it's just so great! But you will have to hear it to really get a feel for just how great it is. The sound effects do feel a little rough but they are fitting with the playful graphics and music.
There are only two other little things I didn't like about Platypus. One of which being that on the map it looks like you are going to get five episodes in the full version, but you only get four. The other being that the final boss is crap.

I am sure of one thing – you have NEVER played any game like that. I am a big game skeptic, too. In fact, it’s very, very unusual that I stumble upon some indie game that I really love and devote all my spare time to. Platypus, ladies and gents, is just such a game.

As soon as I downloaded the game I feel in love. I love everything – bouncy gameplay, claymation graphics and really, really funky soundtrack.

Remember the old Gumby cartoons? Or how about those dancing raisins? Platypus takes claymation to another level. I can only imagine how much work went into the game, since all of its visuals were hand molded using photographed plasticine (clay). Platypus does exactly what you would hope an independent game can do. Namely, it gives you an experience that you won't get elsewhere.

Beyond the graphics, Platypus provides a shooter that feels a little like Ordyne for those who remember that classic. You control a ship in a brightly colored world. You can also have a friend join in and play together, a feature that is greatly appreciated.

Platypus has a rather simple array of weapons that work on a timer system. However, as is the case with most shooters, loose your weapon and you'll quickly be looking for a place to hide as defeating enemies with your basic gun is near impossible on the later levels.


Designed for one or two player action, Platypus has 5 challenging levels for hours of entertainment. No matter if you are using a mouse, keyboard or joystick gameplay is smooth and fast. Combined with high quality sound effects and music, Platypus offers a completely satisfying experience. If you tire of all the shooting, just try to get the bonus for passive resistance!