DOC Regenerator Review

Not Bad..

Submitted by dandan12 on Mon, 2009-08-24 09:32.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
30 days money back gurantee.Thats great.Recover the files and get your money back.If a Microsoft Word document was deleted, the program will scan the entire disk to find contents of the deleted document.
Hangs the xp operating system,a few documents get recovered in non-human readable form for which you need to a new software to make it readable.The product supports all versions of FAT and NTFS and regenerates Microsoft Word documents even from lost.

When I used this program the second time, I managed to recover some files that I needed so much! Well, I still use Windows XP, and this is a condition for the program to work, because this won’t...


Well , I'm not going to tell you reasons to buy it but I'm gonna tell you my reasons: ,doc files recovered - files i've forgot about completely, but that doesn't mean they were not important files