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Safety First With Actmon

Submitted by Patwdpat on Thu, 2006-12-21 14:54.
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As a young'un as many older friends would call me i have been an early adopter of the internet.

I know a little bit of everything to do with the internet whether it be blogging or programming i've given it a shot.

Overall i can safely say that my early days online (as a 8/9/10 year old boy) were happy experiences looking up cartoon websites and the like.
There were however times when i would search for something like fred flinstone and be shown something entirely inappropriate for someone my age.

My parents, like most were protective of me, BUT there are some things that happen to a child online that will severely alter a young
persons view on the world. This is where ActMon comes in, this program will record everything that a child sees or does online
and will present it in an easy to understand jargon free interface... this is a great tool for parents to use when they want to review the childs time spent online

When large logs are created it is often impossible to find your way through the normal stuff to the possibly harmful contentthis is where Actmons search function comes in
it turns hours of reading into literally seconds of analysing.
IMCHAT spy can be used to record your childs instant message conersations with both your childs and the other end of the conversation being record
this is a great way for you to understand your childs friends and contacts online.

There is also a terrific feature which will log every url the child has visited these will be placed into either a text file or a html (website) file.

No need to make your son/daughter feel embarassed or as if they've done something wrong... simply look over the visited sites.

Whether it be on the web or in chatrooms Actmon has you covered.
and at this price it's a must buy for all parents


Probably up there with the best in its field a must for all cautios parents