Xeno Assault 2 Review


Submitted by tomas12343 on Wed, 2009-09-02 14:28.
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Action - Fast paced - Good price
Music - Storyline - Graphics - Windowed mode won't work under Windows Vista

Well, I'll be honest with you, this game is NOT for everyone. Although arcade lovers will apreciate the simplicity of the game, the average user will get bored within the first 5 minutes of the game. I am an arcade lover (especially space-arcade games) and I found the game to be ok.

First of all,you have to like this game for what it is: a simple arcanoid style game, and all you need is to know is how to click and move a mouse. Unfortunatelly there are some programming glitches (windowed mode won't work under windows vista), but when you get past them, you're on a fast paced action game.

The storyline is one of the strong things on this game and it's quite simpe: Nothing! It takes you directly into a space invaders theme and you start shooting and killing stuff.

Music is a rock 80's-heavy guitars mix and kinda reminds me the guys that are stucked in the 80's rock scene (if you have seen the movie "school of rock", you know what I mean). This is 2009, and with the capabilities that the music software is giving, music is just shamefull.

Graphics are what you expect for a game like this: simple and 80's arcade-style with a touch of the late 90's style (some blasting and explosion effects), but they could have been a lot better using special effects like the physix capabilities (like the game trine).

The game has a good price though and that's one of the huge pros, since they may be a few that will like it, but they will buy it.


If you are an arcade lover, you will have some fun on this game. If not within 5 minutes you will propably prey for someone to give you a strong slap in the head.