EZ-DJ Plus Review

EZ-DJ Plus really is "Easy"

Submitted by KingRudi on Fri, 2009-09-04 15:15.
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The lowest price: 16.99$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Simple-to-understand controls, interface and usability for beginners and even children. Fairly priced for what it offers.
Lacks musical freedom as everything is basically done for you. Not for Intermediate to Advanced users.

There are two groups of people when it comes to music production: those who are serious composers who thrive for total control and freedom of their mixing, and then there's the group that prefers simplicity over professionalism. EZ-DJ falls into the latter category.

For people accustomed to programs such as Cubase, Reason and CoolEdit, EZ-DJ will be interesting for around twenty minutes at most.

However, for inexperienced users who don't want to explore software in the $300 to $500 range and who want to make decent sounding mixes without the musical background or knowledge will find EZ-DJ worth the $16.99.

The program has a very basic main layout, complete with two turntables surrounded by various buttons for effects such as samples and scratches (Which are assigned keyboard shortcuts for ease of use)

The bottom of the layout consists of various records which can be dragged on to the turntables and played.

Between the turntables are six buttons for effects such as Backspin, Echo Drop and Filter Sweep, as well as a crossfader.

The screen above the turntables has a simple visualization which you can drag with the mouse to "warp" the sound.

To enhance the simplicity even more, EZ-DJ syncs all music and samples played automatically, so that adding effects and crossfading can never go out of time.


Unless you want a simple program to make quick mixes for fun, this program will leave you frustrated at it's lack of funtions. Intermediate and Advanced users will become bored with it within minutes.