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Submitted by mathrex on Sun, 2009-09-06 16:19.
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The lowest price: 44.05$
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Fast download is the attribute that I appreciate much because I'm impatiente,other quality are:detailed reports ,choosing protocols.
Unfortunately this program have a simple "design",and personally i cope hard firstly.

SuperBot is a program that I recommend every one to use ,especially people that use a dial-up connection because as we know the the download speed is very low.
I compare this tool with Accelerator Plus ,but the SuperBot have a superiority in term of download even if we have problem with internet .
A problem that I noticed is the "stop" button .When I pressed it didn't stop,only about one minutes after it stoped.
Other things that i can mention are viruses . For that this program is a problem because don't have a secure to protect the computer.
The report files give us the opportunity to see the path in case we forget where we saved the document and for me is very useful because i have a PC loaded with many documents.
However I think is little expensive for what can make and for the heavy usage for beginners.


This tool help people with the internet download more than others programs ,but I think a next version of this program can be with a more friendly interface.