Platypus Review

Wacky fun but with some reminiscence...

Submitted by CoLT on Thu, 2006-01-19 04:39.
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High replayability Multiplayer-capable Classic arcade reminiscence Cheap thrill
Free trial runs of a one hour timer Not playable on a laptop computer

This is a very interesting game. It has all the elements of a classic side-scrolling arcade shooter which brings back old memories.

The graphics in the game are simple and cartoony which proves to be very effective as the entire game, even the menus, carry on this cartoony appearance as an ongoing theme using fun, bubbly text and all the craft in the game giving the whole picture a kind of 'oil paint' appearance. I've not actually heard of the use of clay in a game before but it works really well in Platypus.

The sounds in Platypus are simple, but again very effective, and also bring some reminiscence to the game. It reminds you of those days at the arcade. Your classic zaps, buzzes and laser shots are all audible within Platypus and further enhance the 'cartooniness' that is introduced by the fun graphics mentioned above.

Music can be one of the many things that make or break a game. The music has to fit in well with a game and create an atmosphere that brings you into the mood of playing, however, many developers make the mistake of putting in music that is either unsuitable or make the game downright annoying.

The makers of Platypus have selected very suitable and upbeat music that adds to the fun of the game. The music really gets you into the game. The music on the menu screens creates a very nice sci-fi atmosphere which, if you look at the blurb for the game, is exactly what the developers wanted to create so congratulations of getting it right.

The gameplay is quite indepth with many little things you can do such as shooting power-ups to gain different weapon types. As a word of warning to the general public, this game is very addictive.


A very addictive game that 'checks all the boxes' on a great side-scrolling arcade shooter and is an execellent game for a wuick, cheap thrill. A game that I would recommend.