Wild West Wendy Review

Wild Wild Wendy Wasn't Wild Enough For Me

Submitted by Rahul DG on Thu, 2009-09-10 20:44.
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Very easy to learn, smooth game play and graphics, comical characters, interesting plot line
gets repetitive and boring after a while, a diner dash rip-off

After having played Diner dash and a couple of other games based on the 'come and be served' genre, Wild Wild Wendy had nothing new to 'offer' to me as far gaming experience was concerned. The game to begin with is pretty basic. I started with the story mode, which gave me a sob story about how Wendy's parents were killed by an cigar munching ruthless businessman, forcing her to fend for herself by selling food to railroad workers. The money she gathers is just about enough to set up a basic salon.

The entrepreneur in me jumps up to the task. Customers are are on their way and I am supposed to serve them drinks. That's easy enough since all I had to do was click on the drinks crate to collect the booze bottles and then point Wendy to the guy who wants to be served. And unfortunately that's all there is too it. Click on drinks (click twice to collect two bottles at one go) click on customers to serve them. Yes, there was an occasional diversion when 'fights' (arguments rather) broke out between customers but even those could be taken care of by clicking on the irate customers, thereby pacifying them. The only challenging part about the game was managing a fully packed bar and not missing a single customer. You have to be fast and be able to pre-empt which customer will ask for a refill next.

When it was announced that I should start expecting a few robbers to rob my hard earned money I was almost excited by this unexpected treat. However, this challenge too turned out to be a damp squib since there was nothing much to do except pointing the cursor at the highwayman to shoot and scare him away.

Another thing I missed in the game was the thrill of going shopping to upgrade my salon. Better drinks, better furniture and yes I would have loved to purchase a new chandelier for the bar but that option was missing as well. The salon was auto-upgraded and after the second level I saw an ox-head hanging in the corner. I think being the owner I should have made that purchase decision.

I also didn't like the background music which stayed the same. Ideally a new music should have been introduced after each level and a shuffle option should have been provided. The graphics however were good and the characters were funny to look at.


To conclude if you haven't played Diner Dash, you can test your reflexes on Wendy.