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this is wonderfull effective program that gets the job done fo

Submitted by ijal on Fri, 2009-09-11 15:36.
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Registry First Aid is easy to use even for the computer novice. It breaks down the program options into 3 categories; Registry Maintenance, Registry Management, and Registry Backup. Within each of these sections, you have various options to choose from which are all labeled in an intuitive manner. It also has an advanced options area that will allow you to change the appearance of the program, change what areas in the registry the program scans as well as set up scheduled scans.Simple enough for beginners to use, yet advanced enough to not insult the intelligence of more advanced user.
A little expensive. Slower scanning than other programs I have used. Interface isn't very visually appealing, could be improved.Long scans for systems file.

I have been testing many different registry cleaners & repairers over the past few weeks, & I must say I'm rather impressed. As with any product, it has its drawbacks, but all in all it is a very nice product.

The download was fast & straight-forward, no problems there. Installation was fast, also, but I really didn't see the need for the first pop-up window that asked if I wanted to install the program. Obviously if I downloaded it & proceeded to click 'Setup', I wanted to install it. I liked that you can select the components to install; made me feel a little more in-control. Like the download, the installation was fast & straight-forward & caused me no problems.

I launched the application & was a little disheartened by the style of the interface. I have used cheaper applications that were a little more visually appealing & modern-looking. Not a big deal, but they could improve on that a little bit.
The layout of the options is simple & easy-to-use, & each option was descriptive & understandable. I'd say it's easier enough for the beginner to operate yet advanced enough to satisfactorily meet the needs of the more advanced user. I really liked that there are also advanced options for the advanced user, too.
I proceeded to run a scan of my system. It took a little longer than some of the other applications I have tried, but it found things that the other programs didn't. I frequently scan my computer with my other program & I didn't think there would be that many errors missed. I like to know my computer is in tip-top shape & running smoothly, & this program eases my mind.
Once the scan was complete, it gave me a list of the registry keys & errors & such, & unchecked things that could potentially cause problems if removed. There is the option to check them if you're sure you want them gone & you know you don't need them, & I really like that. It once again gives you that control factor, & that's a pleasant thing to have.
It was very fast when repairing/cleaning the items, which partially makes up for the extended scan time.
There are also other handy options, such as: uninstall, configure start-up programs, defragment, take a registry snapshot, search the registry, manage registry, & there are backup options. There is also an 'Advanced Mode' for those comfortable enough to use it.

All in all this is a very effective & worthwhile program, and I'd say it is definitely worth the money. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their computer running smoothly & without errors.
Registry First Aid from Rose City Software is a helpful registry repair utility that has many functions that will appeal to the advanced and novice user. It offers in depth backup utilities that allow you to perform scheduled registry backups, full registry backups and restore from any backups that have been made. It also offers an add/remove programs utility, allows you to change what programs start up when you start your computer and allows you to change many settings within Internet Explorer.


Registry First Aid is a user friendly registry scanning and backup program. It offers a safe and effective registry scanner as well as including other features like the add/remove programs utility and program startup editor. With the addition of scan scheduling and an in-depth spread of registry backup and restore utilities, Registry First Aid is a great option when looking for a program to help keep your computer running clean.