Wild West Wendy Review

Amusing until you look at the details

Submitted by miguelboland on Sun, 2009-09-13 10:04.
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graphics, explanation on how to play the game, little animations such as barfights
very repetitive, both in music and gameplay, a simplified replica of Diner Dash

Wild West Wendy is a nice, well created game, but this becomes misleading for a couple of main reasons.

1: Having been published after the well known Diner Dash, it is a simplified copy of it: gameplay does not differ one bit

2: Western styled music may sound very nice, until you realise that you are listening to a list of tracks which repeat themselves: the music then becomes completly unwanted.

3: Like Diner Dash, drink or food serving games are extremely repetitive after a couple of levels, even thought added stories soften the problem slightly.

On the positive side however, are the graphics, which are incredibly better than the ones in most other games like these. Added scenes such as the 1st person view of a newspaper talking about the Saloon are quite interesting.

Overall a good game for a certain amount of time


Wild West Wendy is a good game, but it gradually becomes dull.