Genie Backup Manager Professional Review

Genie Backup Manager Professional

Submitted by mdumar on Tue, 2009-09-15 03:12.
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The lowest price: 62.49$
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very fast,any type of media file it can backup and restore,disaster recovery facility,Easy interface for beginners.
I don't see any.

This product comes with a whole bunch of cool and useful features like
disaster recovery facility which allows the OS to restore without putting the need to install the OS another time.
other features-:

# improved scheduling
# online backup
# vista compatible
# supports automatic media spanning
# backup facility for older formats like zip,Jaz etc.
# Windows shadow service which has the ability to copy locked files.
# Catalog module

now coming to its installation part , it is much more simpler than its older version.After the installation completes there is a welcome screen with guides and tutorials for new users.Previous versions of this software was having problems with beginners or new users but this new version has excellent guides and tutorials for beginners. It also comes with two interfaces NORMAL and EASY, normal is default made and is for advanced users but easy mode is for beginners..

Any type of media it can backup and restore flawlessly without any hassle.Its does everything very fast.


It is a product with the best mixture of new and latest features with high speed performance.I recommend this for everyone.