Genie Backup Manager Professional Review

Slightly expensive but a fantastic backup solution

Submitted by murali09 on Fri, 2009-09-18 05:10.
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The lowest price: 62.49$
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#Strong AES Encryption & Decryption mechanism. #Safe deletion facility. #Wizard based. #Intuitive interface.
#Slightly overpriced. #Auto-update requires you to close the software(least critical).

The Genie Backup Manager Professional is indeed a great tool and a complete professional solution for those, who are looking for a reliable backup & restore activity of sensitive data. It is definitely one up on all other traditional backup utilities and the makers of the software seem to have taken all important requirements into consideration at the design time of the product.

A cool and an easy interface, equipped with a wizard guides even naive users to smooth & trouble-free operation.

It offers as part of its "Advanced Tools" excellent features to safely wipe out some of your confidential reports without the fear being recovered by preying eyes. It does have 128, 192 and 256 bit AES encryption mechanisms to make your confidential files and folders, truly confidential.

The interface is intuitive but the software offers online tutorials on all operations that it can perform on its website.

I fully endorse the description of the software on its features, uses and advantages.

However, the software could have been priced more competitively. Also, the Auto update feature forces you to close the software before applying the downloaded updates. Else a restart is necessary. I don't see this as a big impediment.


I would have been inclined to rate this software as excellent if not for the price aspect. I would still give it the "Thumbs-up" for its all-round professional and feature rich program.