DVD Cloner VI Review

DVD Cloner VI

Submitted by jake day on Sun, 2009-09-20 06:55.
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The lowest price: 47.99$
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DVD Cloner does just what it says, it burns DVDs with a wide selection of features.
This program works just like most freeware out there at a price far from free.

DVD Cloner VI is a new alternative to other DVD ripping software on the market. Once installed you can burn a movie, separate a season of your favorite TV show into episodes, and even change the format of video from standard AVI to MP4 so that your videos may be compatible with other devices such as an ipod.

The highlight of this product are its wide array of features. However don't be too awed by them, most have been available with standard freeware for years.

DVD Cloner VI raves that it "comes packaged with a CSS decryptor and there is no additional download necessary" but this is a standard feature that most freeware has bundled for years.
The user interface while simple, is expected. Simply load your DVD and burn it. What is not expected is the time spent waiting for your DVD to finish ripping which can be as long if not longer than the run time of the movie itself.

DVD Cloner VI works the at same speed with the same features as a freeware program such as handbrake, but the price tag makes this product simply not worth it.


Overall, DVD cloner VI delivers what was promised at a speed and price less than ideal.