Registry First Aid Review

A Pretty Good Program With Minor Drawbacks

Submitted by joshyg on Mon, 2009-09-21 23:06.
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The lowest price: 27$
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The program is very simple and easy to use No risk as it backs up your files for you Lots of available languages Many options such as to schedule scanning
Takes a very long time to scan

Registry First Aid is a very good program overall. It is clearly a very reliable program as it has many features to reduce the risk of editing your registry. These include advice on backing up your registry, automatically backing up your registry and creating system restore points.

Also, the program has many advanced features which seem like they could be particularly useful such as the ability to schedule registry scans and being able to alter the colour schemes.

Furthermore, i find that the main features of the program are very good as they do exactly what they are supposed to do although the scans take much longer than with many other alternative programs.

I also found all of the seven main features to be potentially very useful.

I found that the registry backup features were clearly very good features as they hugely minimise the obvious risk posed through editing registry files due to the ease of backing up and restoring.

Also, i found that the registry search feature and the registry snapshot feature were very good as they made it incredibly easy to find specific registries and compare changes in the registry.

Overall I find this software to be very easy to use with only minor drawbacks


A very good piece of software with only one main minor drawback. Would reccomend as it is exceptionally easy to use with no risk to your PC.