FantaMorph Review

What a cool stuff! (Deluxe Edition)

Submitted by Malix on Mon, 2009-09-21 23:47.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Advanced morphing algorithm, movie exportation, advanced tools, low price
I didn't find any cons... :-)

This product, by Abrosoft is very complete compared to software usually found over the internet. With it you can import 2 images from your pc and then you are able to do everything you want to them, in fact you're able to crop, enhance, create a movie (and export it) with the # of frames you decide (for a little bit it's a photoshop-like software.
Is even possible to export the created image and save it to "face library", that holds all your edited pictures.
The software is very simple to use, in fact it has a really nice graphic. When you open it you have a Wizard tool that helps you doing what you want with the pictures you wanna morph: The 1st picture is displayed on the left and the 2nd on the right; the morphed picture is displayed in the bottom center under the other ones.
If you want to work with a better performance you can even use the full screen function, available just pressing F11.
It has even very nice add-ins, such as face extractor, face locator, face library (see above).
The software is customizable, in fact you can choose from a variety of skins (Standard, Mac and Blue). You can choose from 12 different languages (including German, Italian, English ((obviously)) ).

Speaking of the price, it's just 71 bucks (for the deluxe edition): you can also add an extended download service, which allows you to keep the file you downloaded for a year in the server, so if you have any problem with the pc you can download it again without spending a dime! (The service costs $7).


It's a great software, which personally I would buy if I was a professional user working with pictures every day... I simply love this software, that helps people working... and have fun!