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Do you really want to morph two or more faces together...

Submitted by Redux on Tue, 2009-09-22 13:41.
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Good for a laugh, if you have the right faces and patience.
Hard if you want to actually use the program.

Fantamorph is a face-morphing software that allows you to apparently use two images and morph faces together. The sample image teases you with how great and easy it is to morph. But when you start trying to morph an actual person and another image together, hell begins.

Firstly, I have to admit that I have used the software only three times. But those three times makes me wish that no-one ever has to go through what I had to. And before you ask, you probably wouldn't need the help files, as they were more trying to convince users to pony up for the deluxe version, which has the essential face extractor.

You see, unless you can find two images (lets say your face and someone else's); and those two images are facing the same direction, and do not have any real differences (sorry those that have scars on their faces) the image will turn out 'wrong'. Wrong in the sense that it look jumbled, messy, unusual; and not a real display of face morphing.

Let's start with the interface. The interface seems neat and tidy, something that I must admit was a surprise to me; I am myself accustomed to more "sophisticated" GUIs. The different skins (The default three) all look great, especially the blue one. The layout of where the tools are located are very neat, and the icons themselves don't have you guessing what they do.

The automatic 'import' method seems to be a tad buggy. For starters, can you even find two photographs of you and someone else looking in the same direction, in similar lighting (Yes, you don't want to mix lighting in this)? Unless you go out of your way and actually Photoshop those two images to have the same lighting, the images will already be doomed.

If you are manually using it however, the final image can come out looking great. Great, that is, until you want to try another. Then you have to go and find another two images that have two people/animals in the same 'direction'.

And let's not forget what they actually give you to morph more 'advanced images' (Animals). in attempting to do this, I found out that:

1. If you don't memorize where you place your dots, be ready to click and drag to find out which dot is which (And if you have over 50 dots like I did, then it's even more annoying)

2. If you try to use too many dots, lines and attempt to render a preview, you could potentially crash the program (Mine just slowed right down, and I couldn't wait past 1 minute for a preview)

3. Use the grid. What you think you did might not actually happen.

Of my three test morphs, the first one (Human to Human) of Chuck Norris and Rick Astley came out great (After manually adding the dots and lines, luckily the faces were in the same direction).

The second one was taking too long to morph, and caused the program to slow down to the point that I had to Task Manager the PROCESS TREE (For non-tech readers, that's pretty bad if you have to resort to doing this).

The third and final image of my face and an elephants was so bad, you could see the image artificially rendering as it went through preview (And the single image preview looked so wonky and wrong, as in tusks were all over the place)

All in all, Abrosoft's Fantamorph just isn't worth the money for those that have $70 to spend. But, if you want to see just for laughs how bad you and another persons faces look together, then try the trial. It's basically as good as the Deluxe(Forget the watermark, it won't hide just how badly morphed your faces will look, unless you are ready to manually edit).

Instead, go and learn how to manually edit images. Or find another face-morphing software that actually lets you morph two faces together that don't have to face in exactly the same direction.

But the GUI saves me from canning the entire software, and the trial should suffice for most people (But when it slows right down, be ready to learn how to use the Task Manager)


Just trial this piece of software. It's not worth purchasing,