Cactus Bruce And The Corporate Monkeys Review

Hi kids, it's Bruce!

Submitted by Revsurf on Wed, 2006-12-27 20:33.
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Good idea, funny, fast
Repetitive, unbalanced difficulty,

Let us make one thing clear: Cactus Bruce is not a high priced, high tech game and expecting an explosion of stunning graphics is a bit too much. It is exactly what it sells for - a simple, fun way to kill some time. The kind of game you play on occasion, while enjoying a cup of coffee.
Game play itself is simple enough. Use your mouse to fight waves of coconut throwing monkeys by catching and throwing them right back at their pesky friends. Advancing through levels, your hairy opponents will become faster and more agile but trying to find traces of AI in them will leave you disappointed. Fighting for your cause is a group of friends, which grows bigger over time. Each of them has a unique feature with a common goal - destroy as many monkeys as possible. A well balanced mixture of precision and your friend's monkey-eliminating powers will win the game for you. If you find the game too easy, adjust the difficulty level and test your monkey smacking skills again. One of the things I have found frustrating is the inaccuracy of Bruce's claw. Mind you, this could be due to the mouse settings on individual computers but claw sensitivity gauge would be a welcome option.
If I had to take a wild guess I would say that the target population for this game are kids 5 to 10 and this taken into consideration game graphics is not too much of a problem. Detail level is acceptable and constant movement on the screen is not going to make you blink a hundred times a minute. After a while, the platform pattern becomes predictable and monotonous, a flaw which well placed background images can't compensate.
The very first thing that caught my attention are the sound effects. Bruce's pirate voice, claw's cranky sound and funny monkey screams all make the ideal kid game atmosphere. Turn the sound off and the magic is gone.


If your inner child is still active or you want to keep your kid busy for some time, this is the game for you. Else, keep your money.