President Forever Review

Awesome Idea, No Execution

Submitted by Apple_Guy on Wed, 2009-09-23 10:24.
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- Very Realistic - Had real candidates
- Way too long to play through - For me it was to complex - No Instructions

At first I thought that you being in the drivers seat of a candidate would be awesome but had no execution.

When I started playing for the first time I had no idea how to play. There was no instructions page on the game. Although you could get help by pressing F1, it took me a long time to figure it out.

It was to complicated to play the game. There were buttons all over the place. Since I'm not from the USA I didn't know how the voting system worked.

I took to long to play the game. By the 5th week I had loss interest in the game. You had to complete about 52 weeks which equals to a year. For me way to long.

The plus side of the game is that it has real candidates. The significant people for me were Barack Obama and the Clintons. Also it show the pictures of the people. From all of the parties.

I thought it was realistic because I knew each state had specific points. Like some states had more points than other states. This made it feel really realistic.


Not bad but this game needs more improvements from all areas. From interface to game play.