Guaranteed PDF Decryptor (GuaPDF) Review

Expensive yet Good PDF Security Removal Software

Submitted by adityarocks on Wed, 2009-09-23 20:55.
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The lowest price: 22.5$
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*Almost 2 times faster than other PDF decrypting utilities.


*Can fit into any constrain of your computer memory.


*Password Decryption takes days and there is no option to pause the decryption process.

*Expensive for people who need such utilities just once or occasionally.

GuaPDF is probably the best PDF security bypassing software I have ever seen. It is definitely a great tool for those looking to bypass PDF document security restrictions.
The application is just around 500kB in size and can fit into any constrain of the hard disk. Further, I liked the app being portable. This means that I can store it into my pen drive and take with me anywhere for using it on any PC without any sort of installation.
As a user, I found using GuaPDF extremely simple. It has a very simple user interface. Using this app became crystal clear just as I launched it and saw its barebones simple interface.
There was nothing lot to do for removing restrictions from a PDF file using GuaPDF. I just had to open a PDF file and the GuaPDF application automatically detected the restrictions and did the required things, all by itself.
The decryption process of GuaPDF is pretty fast and much smart than most of the other tools out there in the market. I tested five PDF file with GuaPDF and it removed all restrictions from them. The decryption was almost 2 times faster than other such utilities I ever used in the past.
GuaPDF decrypts passwords too. Though the password decryption technique is pretty advanced but the fact that it can take almost 15 days for decrypting a password makes this feature quite impractical at hands. Once you close the application window and start it the next time, the PDF decryption starts all over. This further adds to non-feasibility of the feature. A feature to pause the password decryption project and resume the decryption process again would have been highly appreciated.


GuaPDF is an excellent tool for bypassing PF security restrictions but it's price of $26 is too expensive for an app that won’t be used on a regular basis. As an occasional user of such utilities, I would prefer a cheaper solution. But if you are to use such PDF unlocking and restriction removal utilities on a regular basis, GuaPDF is definitely the best option.